Welcome to the Harlots Hall!

Going strong since 2019 - We're Light's longest continuously running den of debauchery. Welcoming you every Friday for our classy lounge nights. Come around and relax, have a comfy time and unwind from your week. Got energy left to spare? Hop on stage and show off what you got or grab a cutie and go to town.One of the few venues that allow you to be as smutty, slutty and lewd as you desire. Be as much of a tease as you like. Talk dirty and nasty right in public. After the doors close, not even open ERP is off the menu and the stage might suddenly offer an entirely different type of show...

Every Friday night after 8pm CEST
Odin - Goblet - Ward 6 - Plot 49

These are some rules to keep in mind while at the Hall

• Due to the nature of our venue guests have to be at least 18 years old
• Dancers are human too, treat them as such
• Please do not use weapon skills, and keep your weapons hidden
• Keep your clothes fitting the occasion (No armour, costumes or the like)
• Please unsummon all minions and pets at our venue
• Sexy dancing isn't consent to ERP - Always establish consent!
• Consent for screenshots is assumed unless stated otherwise
• The throne and its lil stage are Zu's. Don't go there unless invited
• When in doubt, ask

What the future holds...

Our events in November 2021

Friday, 3. June, 20:00 CEST
in the Harlots Hall - Lounge Night

Friday, 10. June, 20:00 CEST
in the Harlots Hall - Lounge Night

Friday, 17. June, 20:00 CEST
in the Harlots Hall - Lounge Night

Friday, 24. June, 20:00 CEST
in the Beehive - Open Playlist

Where to find us...

Contrary to what the name suggests, we're not always at the Hall!

Hall's Rooms

Free to use by anyone! Just be polite to people already in it.

The Harlots Hall

A celebration of excess and opulence, the Harlots Hall is brimming with unapologetic indulgence and pleasure. The fulsome embrace of gold and scarlet velvet makes it very clear to anybody walking in: This is a place of carnal indulgence, where the very notion of sin has to be left outside the door.Location
World: Odin (Light DC)
The Goblet - Ward 6 - Plot 49
The Brimming Heart Subdivision Aetheryte
Events at the Harlots Hall
Both the location and events are 18+
The Harlots Hall is located in a private house, and the people walking in are expecting an NSFW event to take place there. This allows to be a bit more relaxed in the public chats, but you should still expect people that you don't (yet) know to walk in at any time.
Only use the public chats for lewd talk if you feel comfortable with that.The Hall offers a selection of private rooms. Check them out!

The Beehive

The Beehive is a place of noise and excitement - a little sting to invigorate the safe, pampered lives of Eulmore's free citizens. Regardless of gender, this establishment's bonded workers are often called "honeybees", while the owner reigns above them as "queen".Events at the Beehive
The Beehive is a public space, so please keep lewd talk and emotes in our linkshell. You will usually find us around those two tables in the picture.
We are switching through worlds, so make sure to check the schedule to see where we're at.

The Manager's Office

The Hall's own Manager's office.
A stern interior that'll make you nervous why you were called here. An undressing corner that worries, yet intrigues you for what's to come. ...and yet it doesn't lack a certain comfortable charme.

The Mistress' Dungeon

One of Zu's many dungeons.
Its raw design with cramped cages will be sure to remind your pets of their place. Lit only by candles it has a striking atmosphere of both gloominess and intimacy. Plentiful toys all over the room and feeding bowls are free to use as desired. Sofas all around to accommodate an audience should you desire to show your pet off.

The Maid's Bedroom

Our local servant's private chambers available for your pleasure.
Designed as a small facsimile of the larger Hall, it has the same loft based design with a heart shaped bed as a centre piece replacing the Halls' stage. Inviting you in for cuddles, sex and wilder play. The Maid's many toys strewn about are sure to play a part. A bar in the corner provides any required refreshments and aphrodisiacs. Just like the main Hall is has a throne with comfy pillow for those that need it. Upstairs more seating and a dancing pole for long relaxing nights with dancing entertainment.